Fall RO Offer IS Out!

(And I got the last CL YC room my week, sorry.) Availability looks pretty slim so get on the phone ASAP.

I couldn't access link until I did the chat. CM sent me a link, so try the chat if you don't see it. (But I was already on phone w CM who set me up.)

Just got off the phone... week of oct18th very limited availability. No more PoR rooms or CSR...most deluxe sold out. Bummer.

I was hoping Annual Pass Discounts were out for the same time period. Looks like PORS is 17% of rack Oct 2 - 5th and only Royal Rooms available

Historically, are the RO deals better, worse, or equal to the AP discount?

It seems that the availability is almost none. I was on EARLY this morning. Nothing left at any value resorts for the beginning of Oct. Very few moderate rooms left they said. How depressing is this?

It's pathetic, IMO. The timing this year was strange: after FD, but before FD expired....either fall is going to be very busy in WDW, or they didn't hold many rooms for RO discount this year. I do know that even rack rate rooms were booked solid at half the deluxe resorts the 2 weeks I was considering. For FD, all but the least desirable rooms at values & mods are still open. For RO, virtually nothing is available deluxe. Hence, my crying on the phone to CM this morning & subsequent happy dance gifs.

Keep trying tho; people are majorly switching things around today. Many will be dropping FD rooms this week and if you're looking at value resorts, FD will likely be a better deal than 30% off depending on length of stay and # in party.

Moving to the deals and money section.