Fall Free Dining Plan

Have you heard of any rumors regarding the fall free dining plan yet? Saw some rumors last night from other sites and am curious as to what anyone else has heard. Thanks.

I am not sure of the exact dates this year but in the past it started mid Sept for certain dates all the way up to Christmas. You only need one day out of the group of days offered to get all the days of your vacation. Of coarse the reason Disney has this free dinning plan in the first place is to attach people because most don’t want to take their kids out of school especially at the beginning of the year. The free Dinning plan has changed in the last couple of years as you now only get the QS plan for both Value and Intermediate resorts. TS is only offered with the Deluxe resort stays now where it used to be both Intermediate and Deluxe. As others have stated, you may get a free meal plan but you pay rack rate for everything else. Therefore it is not free by any means. Ask Magical Vacations Travel for a quote for the time and resort you are looking at. You may find you save a lot more that way then with the Free meal Plan stay Disney offers.

Rumor is 27 April. This is from Dad’s guide.

I can’t wait to hear what the offer is… if it comes.

If the details are true, no October dates :frowning:
Value & Mod quick QS, deluxe gets standard.

We shall see. We’re all waiting with baited breath!

From a strong source over on disboards -it’s supposed to drop 23 or 24th. QS for values and mods again, regular DDP for deluxe.

I don’t think dad’s page is too reliable from what I’ve heard. Not my opinion just what I’ve heard.

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Whisperer’s Guide to Orlando FB page has the most recent info.