Fall EMM

So I am trying to be a responsible adult and plan a replacement trip for our beautiful perfect just right May trip :sob: I’m looking at the end of September and EMM isn’t available yet, is that because they don’t do it on MNSSHP days or at all during party season? If it is usually offered is it the same Sund/Thur pattern? Thank you for any help!

When we were there in October, I saw no EMM. But as I am typing this, it dawned on me that we were there when MK, AK, and HS all had EEMH so last year would not be indicative of normal, but I don’t think that this year will be normal for collecting historical data, either.

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September EMM was offered in 2017 & 2018. It was on Tuesday & Sundays. (As mentioned, not offered in 2019 due to EEMH)

The next unasked question… When will WDW announce fall dates?

  • The pattern of when dates are released for booking is inconsistent.
  • Sometimes they are released in batches a few months in advance, sometimes at the 180 day mark, sometimes in unpredictable and unexplained patterns.
  • Many posters on this forum help “keep watch” for dates when EMM is announced and will post ASAP.

Thank you so much!

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I’m seeing EMM at MK for the 15th of September.

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So I went in October last year and am hoping to go again at the same time frame. Last year there was no EMM due to the EEMH so I’ve really been trying to make sure I can fit it in this year because my son will literally just ride 7DMT for 2 hours and have the time of his life.

I have my tentative schedule already and TP was showing morning 8/7am EMH on Sun, Mon, Thurs, Fri in October. I had assumed this was for September too, but I don’t see that now. Disney hasn’t released October, but so far September only has Friday am EMH for MK. It seems weird that they would add SO many in October? But if that is actually the case then EMM would only be available on Tuesdays in October!

I would also like EMM in October. We were so excited for this for our April trip. Tuesday wouldn’t work because our trip is Wed- Tuesday… so following along! Hoping another day is also released!