Fall ADR Booking Order

Just a couple weeks until my window opens and I hope my plan of attack is sound! Is this list the correct order to secure ADRs? Beaches & Cream and the Bon Voyage breakfast are higher on our want list than Akershus so I’m thinking of moving them up, but don’t know the supply/demand level of those ADRs.
Thanks for your advice!

  • Be Our Guest dinner - CL=4, but ADR time overlaps with MNSSHP admission
  • Sci-Fi lunch – CL=6
  • Akershus dinner – CL=5
  • Bon Voyage breakfast – CL=5
  • Beaches & Cream lunch – CL=6
  • Whispering Canyon dinner – CL=6

Additionally, what do you think is the latest ADR we could have a Whispering Canyon and still get to Chip & Dales campfire?

Beaches and Cream can be hard to get at popular times, simply because it’s so small. If you’re happy with a 3pm lunch, then it’s that much easier.

I would move it and the Bon Voyage breakfast up. Especially since they’re more important to you than Akershus. I think Akershus breakfast will be far harder than dinner, just a hunch!

And I found Sci Fi surprisingly hard to get, it took about 3 weeks using the TP reservation finder to get it.

Remember though, the ressie finder is your friend. :slightly_smiling_face: Seriously the best tool ever created for WDW, imo.

I had very difficult to get ADRs last trip. Alarm set, coffee poured, pen/paper ready, Disney website pulled up. I got everything I needed and was done in 15 min or less.

One trick is to open up a browser window for each ADR you want to make and have them all set to go. When the clock strikes you toggle between windows, advancing each one on to the next step and then moving to the next ADR. That way you are doing your requests in parallel rather than one at a time.


What do you mean by this? Will you have a party ticket? What time are you hoping?

We’re hoping for an ADR between 5p-6p. We’ll have party tix for entry at 4p. Basically I was just pointing out that a CL of 4 is misleading for this ADR because party people will be vying for those times as well as the daily park visitors.

It depends on what time they limit non party guests to book BOG. That reversation may only be listed under the party.

That would be awesome!