Fal/Winter vs Early Spring

So we just returned from our first WDW vacation April 29th, and I’m already thinking about planning our next! My DD will be 8 this time around and I’m looking at either late Nov, early Dec 2019 OR late Feb, early March 2020. Kind of attracted to MVMCP, but not sure what the budget will be and if we will want to spring for the extra tickets. Plus I’m interested in the free dining promotion that is usually offered that time of year. I’m also taking into consideration that my birthday is Feb 24th (kind of an awesome bday gift to myself :slight_smile: ). Anyway…my question is, with those factors, which time of year does everyone think would be better? Crowd wise primarily, but also weather, etc. Thanks!

Hard to know that far out, especially with Star Wars opening in 2019, it will most likely affect crowds and promotions. Princess Half Marathon weekend is often over your birthday in February, which doesn’t affect crowds too much, but again fewer promotions. Weather is similar at both times - can have a cold snap, and probably sweatshirt weather at night, but otherwise really pleasant.

I’m an annual passholder and I go every two weeks. It seems to me this year that late February and early March was consistently 2 levels above the TP’s predictions on the days that I went. I just expect the crowds to be there everytime I go. Early December was doable this past year, but I’m just going to tell you that gone are the days that you can just walk on the rides, unless you go at 8:00 p.m. on a Thursday evening which is the only time we have walked on the rides in the last year. You are best to have a good plan, get your fast passes, and bring your patience no matter what time of year you go. People are getting the idea to go at the low crowd times and that’s even-ing out the crowds throughout the year. Please keep all of this in mind so that your trip isn’t ruined. Right now I would say that early December would be the best, but there are absolutely no guarantees, so go when it’s easier for you to get here and have a good plan.

Thanks. I was actually leaning toward December for all the pretty decorations :slight_smile:

I am a super-planner anyway. I like being prepared. I was the one on the computer at 6am 180 days out and 7am at 60 days. Either way I know I can make a good plan and have a great vacation. This year, at the end of April, was even not too terrible crowd wise, but the 95 degree weather is just something I’d like to avoid next time! lol Too hot for me :slight_smile: