Fairytale races professional photographer

I’m thinking I would like to do a little photo session with my medals from the Princess races and do some/a few with my mom/daughter. Any suggestions on who to contact? I’m not looking for a full 1 hour session, just a few nice pictures.

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That is the only one allowed. Otherwise, photopass or a friendly stranger

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Even at the resorts?

I don’t think that you will find a professional photographer that would do just a couple of pictures. Most that I have heard of would be a min of an hour and probably a min number of pictures to buy.
I think that the resort would be iffy - unless the photographer really doesn’t look like he is professional


Yes. They are super strict about this

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We just had a family portrait session with Disney Fine Are Photography in front of the castle in the Rose Garden in May and it was so much fun! It was $200, and about 15 minutes or so for the shoot and we have over 70 INCREDIBLE and fun photos of us and the release to print what we want. I highly recommend this! The price was high, but not crazy for a full photo shoot with THAT many photos. Ours was in the morning and we wore Red Blue and Green like Huey Dewey and Louie, next time we want to do Villains Disneybound outfits and do it at sunset when everything is nicely orange and purple!

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For that many pictures the price isn’t bad. I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you for sharing your experience!!!
I’d talked to a lady who does 15 minute mini sessions for racers at a resort but I just didn’t quite feel comfortable with it. I can’t explain why.

I am thinking about doing this when we go in December. Glad to see you thought it was worth it. How far in advance did you have to schedule this? We will have 8 people total in our party, will 15 minutes be adequate time? (I really didn’t want to do a larger/more expensive package). What time of day did you have the photos? I was worried about having too many people in the background of the picture given it would be in front of the castle. Thanks for any info you can share!

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Personally, I booked in December, for a photo session on Friday May 11th at 10:00am. It was plenty of time and we weren’t rushed, but your party needs to know how to do a photo shoot. Be ready, know poses you want unless you want them to pick; have outfits, makeup & hair already on point before you get to the garden, and make sure your group knows not to be chatty/horse around. There’s definitely no time for a group that gabs! (I come from a big Italian family that never shuts up, group photos are a grueling activity) but the three of us knew what we wanted, had disneybound outfits on and ready and we had a BLAST with our fabulous photographer, Miguel. We are so happy with our photos, no there are no other guests in the background of your photos, and if they are they are super far away and barely noticeable!!!

We used Fine Art Photography just this week. I booked a mini session ($175 or so) for a 20-minute shoot. We met at The Beach Club. Got photos at the lighthouse, some mossy rocks, and the beach. Got about 15-20 shots of my family of 5. Got a few shots of DH and I. Got about 10 shots of the 3 kids together. Got probably 15 shots of each individual child (45 total individual shots). I wanted close shots, mid length and full length, with options for horizontal and vertical. We were very happy. Our photographer was clearly a professional who knew what she was doing. After 20-30 minutes, we went back to the lobby, we were shown the pictures to make sure we got what we wanted, and then we got all the photos on a flash drive with a release. In MN, we pay $250-350 for this same type of service. We might get 15 minutes more, but typically we end up with no more photos, although I know the places here often touch up the photos first. I noticed this photographer was more careful about her lenses and filters, I am guessing because she knows these won’t be retouched. We got some great photos. I would use this company again, no question.