Fairy Godmail?

Is Fairy Godmail still a thing? I found the thread here but the posts look old…

We’re going next week and can send Fairy Godmail if anyone wants some :blush:


Oh, me! I’m going next month on an extended family trip. My nephew and two nieces would love this.

What did you have in mind?

I’ll be there June 10-24 and I could send them a postcard :blush:

That would be awesome! The two nieces are in one household and the nephew in another, so two postcards. Is that a problem?

No problem, I’ll mail them from Main Street. My kids are much older, and we don’t normally go see characters, but if we do, I’ll try to get them signed :blush:. Want to private message me the addresses?

I do it later today. Thanks!

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The fairy Godmailer public thread should be pinned in the WDW section of the forum. If you opened the thread and didn’t set it to be pinned, it might have fallen in the category.

Thanks…sorry to be so naive…I can’t figure out how to see the latest replies at the top…I saw the replies as Nov 2021 and thought maybe the thread was old…

Replies always go to the bottom of the threads. If you read the thread, when you re-open it you will start from the last post you read.

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And to add to that, if you want to go to the bottom without scrolling for days on end, you can jump to the last page by entering the last page # in the box.

Don’t ask how long it took me to find this out. :woman_facepalming: