Fairwell Liners!(Trip report 1/24-29)

Well it has been a heck of a year, and my year subscription is due to end in a few days. I just wanted to take the time to say how much I have loved and appreciated my year of information I have received on this site for our families trip this past Jan. We used touring plans in our trip back in 09 for our trip with DW and DIL and it was very successful so I knew when we went with the kids we would use touring plans!

This trip including me, DW, DS10, and DD 7. We surprised them the night before our trip and they were ecstatic!

1/22 Arrival day and disney springs
1/23 IOA. Very successful (although very cold in the 40-low50’s all day) time at the park. In true RD fashion we were 2nd at taps at 7:15 and crushed EE with VCx2 HPFJx1, visited HP land then continued towards KK and that side catching Hagrids at 2pmish. What a great park Hagrids and VC were the obv favorites but the surprise for me was how awesome HPFJ was! Closed the park down (surprise HP castle light show) then drove to check in at All Star Movies.

1/24 MK. Holy moly is all I have to say. We were completely taken off guard by the first 10/10 day in years. And with amazing info from all of you we made it out to be a very good day considering the waits! Being a only a few spots back from the rope we RD Space Mtn ( we snagged JCgenie + and threw money at SDMT which turned out to be a very lucky decision because it didn’t open until almost 10 that day.) stopped at Winnie the pooh before heading to BTMR for right at 9. I could tell when we got in line after for a 45 min pirates line that something was off with the crowds and we were in for a busy busy day. Made a chat post and sure enough ppl were agreeing how insane it was! So we shifted mindset and started to hit our main priorities. (we bailed on PP because our kids don’t love those movies so much) which turned out again being the right move as we were able to do more. Our biggest wait was 60 minutes for aerials grotto :frowning: Laugh floor turned out to be a crowd favorite! We did miss some things I really wanted to do like people mover and CP (I just love that song!) because there simply wasn’t enough time. We battled FW crowds for a dead center hub viewing spot. The park stayed open after FW’s and we snagged a night time BTMR (which was my favorite of the day) together before bailing on the park at 9:30ish as my wife was recovering from a noncovid illness.

I let my guard down slightly after mentally recovering from the hectic day at MK were we were only middle of pack for FOP arriving 10-15mins after the parking lot opened. But we made it off FOP by just before 8 (7:30 EE Time). WOW! that was our families favorite ride of all the parks. We did every big ride by 3pm. Even included a sit down meal at 11 at Yak and Yeti. We jumped in line for 45 FOP. It was cold (40’s again) and rained all day so we decided it was time to leave. The only ride missing was Kali River. I LOVE raft rides so I asked the kids if they would go on with me before we left and DD instantly agreed and the DS in fear of missing out agreed. Man did we have fun and what a great memory laughing while trying to avoid getting soaked! I also totally forgot about that huge drop! After our 3rd park day of opening to close we rested at the hotel and turned in early.

1/26 HS
The most stressful park as far as genie+ goes. Again thanks to all over your wonder info and tips (here and chat ) we used 3 phones for ROTR, SDD(1000!) and time.gov. I was so pumped when we got exactly what we wanted! I feel terrible for the people who’s day got ruined by glitchy genie+, but we put 2 months of research and “practicing” so it panned out. Opened the parking lot at 7:30 and were only 25-50 ppl back from the front of MMRR. This ride made me laugh so much and I just loved it. Goofy is just hysterical. stopped at TSMM on our way to MF right at 9. ( I was just so ecstatic on how the day was progressing). Walked around GE for awhile and continued our day. Docking bay was an awesome lunch! TOT was a crowd favorite and SDD was a lot of fun too! Star tours was also a surprising win as we got to see 2 different flights and liked that more than MF honestly. ROTR was an amazing experience too. I will say DW and I like “rides” more so it fell shorter than our expectations. DD was somehow too short for RRC (even though she rode hagrids and HPFJ) so that killed my enjoyment of it. Walked around the whole park at night soaking in the sights (Frozen sing along was our favorite show, the 2 performers were really funny). I wanted to go all out and ride TOT and jump in line for SDD right before park closing, but I was starting to lose the kids and DW and it again had been cold and rainy all day so we just did TOT and left at a lil before park close. What a day and a great park! It was absolutely packed 2/10 predicted to a 8/10! This is were I did start to have bad thoughts about DW as a vacation. I saw a lot of frustrated guests, and the lines were everything even food stands were just nuts. People that just show up to HS are in for a bad day not accomplished a whole lot.

1/27 EPCOT
My least favorite park ( I am plant based for heart health reasons) so I don’t get to enjoy the drinking and eating around the world. It is a pretty park though and there are some great rides. DS did ask what the ride was in the middle of the lake :smile: HaHa. We had a great day though! FOP for fozen off in 15 mins. TT was our favorite although Remy was also a lot of fun (we did wait 90 mins ugh). Accomplished everything except mission space and grabbed a FW window seat at La Hacienda San Angel reservation at 8:30 and had an amazing view! What a great way to end our string of park days.

1/28 Resort relaxing day
Went to disney springs for lunch and made our own lego guys swam at all stars which was again, freezing. HaHa. dinner at DS and shopped for souvenirs. I really wanted to ride the monorail from the TTC and watch the MK FW from outside, but we couldn’t squeeze it in which I do regret.

What a magical vacation and filled with endless memories that we will forever cherish. That being said, this is to be our only DW trip as a family until the kids are grown and have kids of their own and drag us along for support! Thank you so much for everything liners, I truly mean that.


What a great Trip Report! Glad it went well…nothing ever goes “perfect” on a Disney vacation! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you again soon!!


This year has thrown everyone a curve ball with the crowds. But a magical trip is what we make it. Sorry to see you go! Even without a trip planned, this forum is wonderful. I kept my subscription going for 9 years (lapsed for a few months here and there when things got busy). I love showing support for the TP crew and know their work is continuous. Even if one doesn’t “need” them for 5 or 6 years down the line, the info obtained and maintained in that time is what makes TP valuable when one needs it. Hope you get back to the magic soon (or maybe not too too soon with only 10 and 7 year olds and waiting for grand children :crazy_face:). Also, TP has info on Universal Studios. With those ages in a few years, they would thoroughly enjoy those 2 parks (will be 3 soon). Never to early to plan! :star_struck:


Thanks for sharing!
I’m glad you found TP useful. It’s a great source of information.
Good luck until your next trip…

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Attitude is everything! So glad you had a good time in spite of the cold and the crowds. I think you can remain on the forum even without an active subscription.

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Thanks for the great trip report! Hilarious that DS asked about the ride in the middle of the lake! :joy: