Face painting in HS

Are there face painting kiosks in Hollywood studios? In particular, I’d like one in GE or TSL. I’m looking for something to do with my daughter while my son does Savi’s.

I was trying to recall where i’ve seen them, seemed like all the parks had at least one spot. in the past there was one across from toy story mania but i’ve also seen reports that they are not regularly active…


Think I saw one near lightning mcqueen

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Just one per park? Rats. I don’t think we’d trek all the way down to lightening McQueen, if that’s where it is.

Thanks for the replies! I’m sure we’ll do it somewhere this year. We put her off a couple of times last trip and she was so disappointed

we did it in Animal Kingdom last trip, outside the safari near the fruit cart- and it was great. My niece loved it and it lasted all day.

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See - I thought so too! But that link says not. I thought it was near RNRC.

They’re right next to each other - so that might be the one I saw.

Oh - I didn’t mean to sound like I disagreed!!! I just meant you confirmed what I thought that link says TSL…

You and I must be right. :wink:

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Oh yeah same :smile: