F! without package or FP

Hey all! So I scored a noonish lunch MM F! package reservation on the night we planned to see Osbourne lights/F!, but I had originally planned to do a last Epcot morning and accounted for that with my FPP. To complicate things, I also just got an early dinner Sci-Fi ADR (one restaurant my son had specially requested because it “looks so cool”). Being normal human beings, I am pretty sure we can’t possibly eat MM at noon and then dinner at 4.

So, here’s my question: would you ditch the F! package or the Sci-Fi? Is the F! package worth it/necessary to see F! without waiting forever and ever?

Would it be out of the question to make Sci-Fi an afternoon break time and maybe order milkshakes (which are highly rated here) or some french fries without getting a whole meal? There is no requirement for what you order on a standard ADR. You will be full from MM but by 4 hours later a snack might be in order.

I would keep both, and at SF just get an app and/or dessert - or maybe one of each and share. Especially during the Odborne Lights season, I wouldn’t recommend doing F! without a package unless you are willing to get there AT LEAST an hour before (something I’m NOT willing to do).

Thanks a lot, guys–I never thought of just doing a snack at Sci-Fi. That sounds perfect! Yum, milkshakes…

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