F&W Weekends

We will be at Disney the first 2 weeks in September. Since F&W will already have started is it still suggested that we stay away from Epcot during the weekends? Labor Day too? Thanks! We are more interested in low crowds than the festival.

Yes. It depends. The World Showcase, locally, is known as the “drink around the world”, and if that’s your thing you might not mind, but if your family is like mine, more interested in the more family friendly and educational aspects of Epcot, September is more than fine on the weekdays from 11:00 to 4:00. It will be hot, but just drink a lot of water, and come prepared to sweat like everyone else. I’m a local passholder, and I have gotten accustomed to the sweating and I did enjoy Epcot during the Wine and Food Festival as far as the crowds are concerned during the weekdays earlier in the day. Crowds and atmosphere are crazy any night of the week after 4:00.

Just a note, we did go to Epcot on a Friday night, and the parking lot was full, but we went anyway and had no trouble doing anything in Future World. Hope that helps.

Thank you! We are used to that time of year but normally go to Epcot on our middle Sunday and the evening is usually very quiet. I think we’ll wait for the weekdays.

If your highest priority is low crowds then absolutely avoid Epcot on the weekends during F&W as well as Fridays if you possibly can. I’m still shocked at the amount of people we witnessed just pouring into the World Showcase on a Sunday morning at exactly 11am. And it literally seemed like every group had some sort of themed drinking shirt. We left and came back Monday and Tuesday afternoon and it was fantastic!

Yes absolutely avoid evening and weekend at EPCOT during Food and Wine. My husband and I were there in Sept 1015 and November 2016 and it was wall to wall people all around World Showcase. You have to go in prepared to be a sardine for several hours if you do go. I would recommend weekdays and tour World Showcase when it opens at 11 into the early afternoon, but then come dinner time get out of there.