F&W Special Events

I want to try a seminar or Party for the Senses, but I'll be traveling with my kids (8&12). Are kids allowed in to either?

@PianoMinnie, Kids' coloring areas are often set up during the seminars. Kids will need a ticket for Party for the Senses.

Thanks...so they ARE allowed to go in!

I'm a bit worried the crew would mutiny as I sample cheeses, knowing there's a park to explore outside....

But I thought they would enjoy Cirque at PFTS. Other than that, do you think they'd be bored senseless (see what I did there)? Has anyone ever seen kids at PFTS? Or would this be a kids' club night? wink

Have you considered the Parisian Breakfast? I thought the price sounded pretty reasonable, and you wouldn't be spending a ton of park time.

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Ha! I saw that @PianoMinnie wink

Found this (from 10 years ago!) I think many folks would consider Party for the Senses a
"Kids Club" night, however here's a kid who really enjoyed it, for the reasons you stated.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the kid review.)

YES I think I'm going to book it for our "last meal" on departure day. smiley


Thank you for the insight & review! To be honest, the one time I left them at Neverland Club to go to F&W solo, I felt pretty guilty and then awkward being alone at F&W. So I guess it's not in the stars for this year.

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