F&W impact on crowd calendar

Obviously the Food and Wine will increase the crowd but does it effect the actual ride wait times?

It doesn't look like it does. This actually makes me nervous. People say the F&W crowds can be overwhelming, but the crowd calendar numbers are quite reasonable because they're based on ride times, so I'm having a hard time imaging what Epcot will really feel like.

Rides aren't really impacted since people are stuffing themselves in world showcase. Weekends are the worst, and evening times are more crowded than early afternoon. Lines for food locations can be several dozen people long, but I think they move relatively quickly. You can easily find yourself with a plate of food and no easy place to put it

If you go to http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-levels they list the special events and their impacts on the parks and wait times.

I've been to F&W the past three years and the weekends on the promenade are the most crowded. Saturday afternoons being the worst in my estimation - mostly due to the locals enjoying F&W. Last year we were at the international gateway right at 11am on the Saturday and enjoyed about 4 booths before it got really bad. We ended up leaving Epcot and coming back on Sunday evening and it was SO much better.

The rides aren't affected but walking through WS will feel crowded to mobbed @Queen_bee. You can enjoy all the rides at your leisure without worries, but as soon as you go past The imagination pavillion, beware the foodies! Lovely little housings for F&W though and I did not notice any over indulgences of any kind anywhere. No empty benches would be my only complaint.