F&W fest for W&D Half Friday

Looking a little far ahead maybe, but we are getting close to our dining reservation day. My next trip includes Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend. My family and I will be running the Holiday 5K on that Friday morning and then planned on heading to Epcot for the Food & Wine Fest. Crowd Calendar says it will be a 2 in Epcot that day so I was planning based on that. With the extra day included in the race weekend now, should I plan on that number going up a little. We will be there for the whole week leading up to it, so I could try to move things around if it is going to be busy. I always figured I should do F&W during a weekday anyway, but when I saw the 2 for that Friday, I went with it, because it fit in well with the other days.

Any thoughts? Stay with Friday? Try to move to a day earlier in the week?

Just remember those crowd numbers are based on ride wait times NOT number of people in the park. So while the ride waits could be lower, there is no way that Epcot on a Friday during Food & Wine will not be busy.

If you could go to Epcot earlier in the week it would be much easier! Food and Wine on the weekends can be pretty crazy, especially a long weekend.

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