F&W After Hours Street Party

Just saw this http://www.wdwmagic.com/events/international-food-and-wine-festival/news/31jul2014-new-after-hours-street-party-coming-to-this-year's-epcot-food-and-festival.htm $79?! The party is only between BG and the WS Plaza, and includes 6 samples from selected kiosks. And a DJ and/or live music. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Granted, it includes admission to EP (9:45PM-1:00AM), but there is no indication that any attractions will be open, or even if the rest of the park is open for strolling. Is it just me, or does this seem crazy-overpriced?

Yup. $79 for a 6 samples of food and some music. No mention of alcoholic beverages. My guess is that they are trying to lure in non-AP locals during the week????

Could be. I think that if they dropped it to $35 (like the wind-down) and just made it a special ticketed event for people who already have a ticket to the park (or at least make this an option), it would be better. Or at the very least treat it like the MK "parties" where you can enter the park at 4, experience attractions, and then stay for the party (maybe with a reserved viewing area for Illuminations) it would be more palatable. Won't be there during F&W, so really a moot point for me, but I certainly wouldn't do it if I WAS there...

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