F&G and Coronado Springs! A Live (ish) Solo Trip Report

So, I was hoping to kick off this live-ish TR today with a “I just landed in Seattle! Next stop: MCO!” selfie this morning.

LOL. Nope.

Instead, you get a “the 6am plane out of my teeny-tiny-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-airport is officially broken, so I’m heading home for coffee and breakfast instead of sitting in the teeny-tiny-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-airport airport for 6 hours and then I’ll try again with a new plane this afternoon” selfie.

It’s also a “I’ll be lucky to get to my resort at 1am” selfie and a “I got up at 3am for nothing” selfie.
:laughing: :crazy_face:

#andsodoestheplane :sparkles::airplane:



I am so sorry! I hope you get out this afternoon! What time will you arrive?

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Can you change your check in time to “after midnight” in MDE?

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I’m currently scheduled to arrive at MCO at 11:59pm. :sleeping:

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My MDE app isn’t loading the “modify my check in” page… I’m going to have to call them, I think! I also have a Prime Now order arriving between 6pm and 8pm, and ME booked for 6pm… So I have some phone calls to make this morning to get everything squared away!

Oh no! When is the next flight? Are you on Alaska and trying again for the afternoon flight? We did that in August and It was like 1:00 Am by the time we got to our room. Didn’t feel so bad with the time change, but boy was it hard to get up the next morning! Hoping this afternoon goes a little better. You deserve a free fruit and cheese tray!

Yeah, the next flight out of Seattle isn’t until late afternoon, so I’ll be arriving MCO at midnight! (Assuming the next tiny plane doesn’t also end up breaking! :rofl:)

It can’t happen twice on the same day in the same place - right? Maybe I shouldn’t have said that … I take it back!

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P.S. Are you somewhere in Washington? I am in Tacoma.

I’m sure it could! :rofl: That would honestly be hilarious.

My mom picked me up and took me out for breakfast and coffee, and now I get to hang out with my brother (who is on spring break) for a couple of hours before heading back to the airport, so all in all it’s really not a bad start to my vacation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, it took many hours longer than originally planned and there was a busted suitcase zipper plus a slip and fall on the recently-mopped floor at the deserted Orlando airport at midnight, but I AM FINALLY HERE. :sweat_smile:

AND I ended up getting pixie-dusted with an upgrade to the Gran Destino Tower! :sunglasses:

More pics to come!
But first. must. sleeeeeep…


Yay to upgrades! I am so happy you made it safely! What a long day!


Have a great trip!




Day One, Part One:

I usually am up pre-dawn on my first morning at Disney because I’m just that excited, but I’m totally okay with the slow start to the day (see last night’s post! :sweat_smile:) because THIS RESORT IS GORGEOUS.

Meandered around the lobby of the Tower for a bit and found myself at the Barcelona Lounge coffee bar (surprise, surprise). Discovered that if you tap your MB on the card readers, they just GIVE you coffee. Clearly, that makes it free, right!?! :rofl: (LOL. Nope)

When I’m done with my “free” coffee and have had my fill of admiring the view (and spotting hidden Mickeys… seriously, they are EVERYWHERE and I love finding them!) I’ll eventually make my way to the parks!

#norush #couldsithereallday


I just love the artwork and the overall vibe of the Tower.

Enjoy your stay!

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