Hello! Does anyone know if the following things are available at this time? I’m not really finding the information I’m looking for elsewhere!

Our rescheduled trip is at the end of April.

  1. Fishing excursions out of any resort (staying at BCV)
  2. Cabana rentals (specifically at Stormalong Bay)
  3. Droid Depot (I’m pretty sure this is a yes, but if anyone could verify, that would be awesome)

Last question:
With BBB closed, what might make a good substitute for some girl time? My son will have Droid Depot and, if available, the fishing. The original plan was BBB + an Epcot princess “tour” for our daughter, but that’s looking unlikely. Any ideas?

Thanks as always!

Hello, I can tell you, based on recent trip reports that the Drioid Depot is up and running and that Cabana rentals are as well. Cabanas have been rented at SaB and GF. I have no idea about the fishing, however when I was at WL in December I did notice a pontoon boat out on the lake; it wasn’t being used my CMs. I’m sure there’s a number to call for that intel. Enjoy you holiday!

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I looked into boat rentals. We were planning on in for our cancelled trip back in April. According to the Disney website they aren’t available right now. But would love to hear from someone who has been recently for confirmation.

Maybe eating lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Wear a special dress. Maybe a new necklace. Having a meal, maybe for 2, in the Castle has to be special.

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There are no boat rentals. But I think fishing expeditions are operating from FW.

Other suggestions:

pony or horseback rides from the new stables at FW
archery, canoe / kayak rentals
mini golf
girly shopping with Mom at DS

Cabana rentals can be booked 60 days out (plus length of stay as before).

Keep an eye on the website for BBB. There was a permit filed a few weeks ago for general construction at the Disney Springs BBB, possibly installing plexiglass glass so maybe it will open soonish (obviously it does involve close contact though with the stylist).



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I saw on Facebook that they restarted bike rentals at the Boardwalk! Not the Surrey bikes, but that could be a fun outing.


I just read a review of a fishing excursion from BC. They gave this number:

Guided Fishing:

407 824-1219

I saved it to my notes!


I was confused when I saw the title of this thread. I thought, for some reason, there was going to be a discussion about the fourth book in the “Uglies” trilogy!

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Awesome reference

There is something like BBB that has no age limit. It is in a regular salon, but they have Princess packages. I can’t remember the name of it. It isn’t in the parks but a resort, I think? Bonus is that they’ll do whatever you want rather than having to choose from certain hairstyles. Since there isn’t an age limit you could get made up too. Seeing mommy made up too might make up for not having the special mirror.

Note, I have no idea if they are open now. I’d been trying to sell that to DD for our cancelled trip. But her friend convinced her that BBB was the end-all-be-all.

What about Pick a Pearl for a girly thing? Get it set into a piece of jewelry, and then the princess tour as planned?

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I think you’re talking about Character Couture at the Grand Floridian, but I’m not sure if it’s open or not.

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The page isn’t available right now but here’s a page you can use to reach it eventually. I suspect it isn’t open, salons aren’t yet open and that’s what this is.


Droid Depot is open. I was afraid it was going to be crowded and hard to social distance, but was pleasantly surprised with how they’ve managed. It’s very efficient, and they do have plexiglass dividers between each droid building station but they have at least one section that has two building stations for families that have multiple droid builders- I was the only adult with two children for the experience and it went so smoothly.

We stayed at Ft Wilderness and I believe they were running some limited fishing, but I didn’t ask about it very much. They are definitely doing kayaking, archery, and horseback riding there, and I think bike rentals. My two girls were really excited about possibly doing horseback riding and archery (like Merida!) but our stay was simply too short to fit them in

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This is a cool idea! I will look into it.

I guess I just figured the princess were not going to be out like they normally are… Are they still around at Epcot?

Thanks for all the info! I will sort through it all. :smiley:

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Thank you! Do you know if this follows the 60 day booking rule?

I believe it does but you might want to call earlier to check.