Extra table service credit uses

How can I use an extra table service credit? Can I trade it in for extra snacks and if so, where?

Do you have to get the snacks at a table service restaurant?


Can you order a couple appetizers at a table service restaurant in place of an entree?

You can use a TS credit at QS, but it’s not getting you the most value. You can trade a QS credit for 3 snacks. I’m not sure if you can trade a TS for snacks.


No you can’t.


If you have teens on the trip, order-in pizza to your room(s)

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If it isn’t too late to make changes (I’m assuming this is for a future and not current trip), perhaps upgrade on of your meals to a signature experience, which would take an additional TS credit.


I was going to say, they may let you, but would still use the TS credit which would not be cost effective.

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