Extra Person for ADR

I made reservations for two at Tusker House for our trip. It turns out that we are going to be meeting up with a friend who lives in the area. I searched for another ADR for three, but there aren’t any around the same time. Would we run into any problem if he just showed up with us for our reservation or is it necessary to find an ADR for three?

Hi @RobertSch6,

Bringing an extra person or more with you to your Tusker House won’t be a problem. Some on this website call this practice ‘Testa-bombing’ after the father of Touring Plans.

Have a great trip

Thanks, @Lens_number_1_Fan. That’s good to know. I would think they wouldn’t have much of a problem with it, since we’ll obviously be buying more food, but it is nice to have the confirmation.

“Testa-bombing”! – I like it.

I would try calling to see if you can add a person to your ADR. Going from a 2 to 3 means going from a 2-top to a 4-top which WILL cause them to have to rearrange things. Will they accommodate you? Probably. re they obliged to? No. Practically speaking, if they are nice enough to accommodate you, you may have a wait for a table. I love Len and respect all that he does, but I have an issue with him advocating the practice that has been named for him…

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I have found more availability doing a search for 4 instead of 3. It’s the same sized table and you won’t be charged for a no show on the 4th person. Many times nothing showed for party of 3 but there were multiple options for party of 4

Did you try to modify the reservation?

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I did a search for four, but I had the same results. :disappointed: I’ve got a reservation finder set up for it, though, so maybe something will come up.

I thought I had, but I thought I would try it again via MDE on the website, and it worked!! It allowed me to change our reservation for three. So we’re all set. :grinning: