Extra Park Tickets after arrival?

We are staying 5 full days but planned to go the parks 4 days (resort day right in the middle) but now we see online that if we added an extra park ticket for all 4 of us it would only be an extra $80. If we were to arrive and then decide we wanted to add an extra day of park tickets would we still get that rate or do we get hit with full price once they have us there and stuck? :slight_smile:

(I just realized that dd8 has been dying to go to EP since we skipped it last visit and we aren’t doing it until our last day - Can’t change b/c of hard to get ADR) So, was thinking maybe wake up late on our “resort” day and then hit EP at 11 and just do world showcase (where she wants to go the most) and then on our full EP day we do future world and anything else in the world showcase we missed.

This is what happens when I start game planning our FPP picks with DH that are coming up in a couple of days :slight_smile:

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You can add the extra day any time before your last day. You will just pay the difference between a four and a five day ticket.


OK, that’s good news although prices go up tomorrow lol Always something :wink:

Yes do you may be able to just pay the difference in new price to the upgrade is- but no guarantee .

OK so riddle me this… If we have 4 days worth of park tickets (staying 6 nights) now and made our FPP picks this Wednesday would we only be able to do 4 days worth of FPP picks or could we do picks for all days and then only get to use 4 days worth (trying to basically see if i can make the FPP choices now and then decide later if we want to add that extra park ticket)

You can only make your fast pass choices for the amount of days (4) that you have tickets. If you will add a day later make your FPs for your hardest days. It can be any 4 days from check in through check out day.

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