Extra morning magic hours

so had everything planned, first day in parks goign to MK, have booked a late brunch at california grill. Was planning rope drop and doing just fantasyland before our 1.30 booking. Later in the day will depend on how jet lagged ( and how many mimosas we have) and tired we are feeling. However just announce that there will be extra magic hours that morning, the one you have to pay for. How much of a influence will this have on the park? Have been trying to avoid the standard emh due to crowd levels but not sure if the paid ones make such a difference. Could change to Epcot as on monorail, but will then need to try and rebook our akerhus breakfast booking.

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It shouldn’t have much impact at all. They significantly limit how many tickets they sell. It might have a small impact if you had a PPO ADR but it doesn’t sound like you do since you have brunch at CG (excellent brunch).


I agree with @DreamLaughImagine

They only sell about 300 tickets, don’t worry about it.

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