Extra morning hours worth it?

I’ve read that EMH are not worth it bc of the number of resort guest that end up using them. we will be there at RD, but is it still not worth it bc of the increased crowds due to the number of people trying to take advantage of?

It can be worth it as for the first 2 hours there are fewer people in the park with EMH. When I chose to do EMH, I will stay in that park for the first 2 - 3 hours and then park hop to a park with fewer crowds for the rest of the day. I find evening EMH to be more crowded than morning EMH and not as helpful unless they are incredible late in the day (midnight to 2 am, etc).

Possibility on why the increased crowds -

The people that do not have hoppers and have access to emh have to stay at that park if they chose that park.
The people that do not have hoppers and do not have access to emh, but chose that park have to stay at that park.

The early emh SHOULD be worth going. It’s staying there after the park officially opens that could wind up being the issue if you don’t have hoppers.

My experience is that early EMH are worth it as long as you are there at RD - if you arrive be half way through you are behind the crowds and would be better making RD at non EMH park.

RD+EMH+FP+Good plan=Success :grinning:

AM EMH is one of my primary decision factors when picking a park for the day. I’ve personally not noticed bigger crowds later in the day, but many have. I have hopped to other parks mid day, but that was an advanced touring decision and not due to crowds.

We’ve always had great success with EMH, especially the morning ones. Our upcoming trip will be our first time as hoppers…trying to keep the freedom from going to my head! :slight_smile:

Think of it this way. If you don’t RD EMH because there will be a lot of people there, you’ll be RDing at a park that opens later so more people will have got up and got there, and a lot more people will be eligible i.e. everybody!

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