Extra Military Salute tickets?

Would they be allowed up the drive though? I thought you had to have military ID to be allowed in, or is that just inside the building?

Although, I guess they need to allow taxis to get guests there in the first place …

I can’t answer that one. As I remember the only time I had to show an ID was when I registered and if I bought something there. But as I said, that was a number of years ago and I think all of the resorts have upped their security a bit…

We stayed in July 2018 at Caribbean Beach with the military discount. The travel agent I use made all the arrangements. I don’t recall the price exactly - it was about $150/night the first week of July.
If you do stay at Shades of Green it’s a short walk to the Poly bus stop, if that’s a better option. I don’t think you’ll get the dining plan or room charge when staying at Shades of Green.
Also, Thanksgiving week 2017 we were at Shades of Green in mid-afternoon to buy an AFS ticket. We could find no place open to have a late lunch.
That said, I’m hoping a stay here, some year, works out for us.