Extra Magic Morning Hour at HS/RoR question

We are going the first week of May and the 3rd shows park opening of 9AM but extra magic hours starting at 8AM.(on DIS site) So if we were to arrive at 7:30 and enter the park at 8, would we have to keep an eye on our phones to check in for RoR at 9? Or will they just hold back non-resort people on Main St? And that way everyone can tap in at 8? Seems like that could create a big problem and the morning extra magic hour will hardly seem worth it unless you get there in front of EVERYONE. Thoughts? Or am I interpreting this wrong?

May 4th has Extra Magic Hours at AK, not HS.


There are currently no scheduled EMH at DHS the entire week of Monday May 4 - Sat. May 9.

There are evening EMH on Sunday May 10th

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Sorry I meant May 3rd - I just changed original post. But I guess if there are no early extra magic hours at all at HS, this is no longer a valid topic. Sorry!

The morning EMH were changed to evening EMH. 9-11pm.


So with that change, maybe more boarding groups that day? Or stand byes? It appears to be the first day of the year they are staying open until 11:00PM for EMH. I’m just trying to figure out which day will get me the best chance to ride RoR during my trip (April 30th - May 5th)

It’s truly so hard to give you a definite answer. These boarding groups have been fluctuating so much. There’s not enough data to say why there are more / less BG issued on each day.

It looks like the CLs on Thurs. 4/30, and Tues. 5/5 give the best opportunities for lower crowds during your visit. I see low numbers on Fri. & Sat., but I don’t trust those. TP’s CL calendar is updated each month and I’d bet you’ll see those weekend numbers go up.

If 4/30/20 is a full park day and not a partial park “arrival day” - that’s when I’d go. Tuesdays & Thursdays are typically some of the slowest park days. Plus, you’ll know on Day 1 if you get to board RotR. This way if it doesn’t work out you aren’t leaving it until later in the trip to find out.

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If possible, I’d arrange to be there at least 2 mornings to make it less stressful if RotR is important to you.

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