Extra magic hours

i have a trip scheduled for January 2017 and ADR date is quickly approaching. How do you find out the extra magic hour schedule? I feel like I am missing something

You can find them on the Disney web site or on the MDE app, under park hours. Or google “official Disney park hours January 2017” to pull up the travel agent calendar pdf. It will give you both regular hours of operation and the extra magic hours. I don’t think Disney has released its 2017 official hours yet, but at least the emh are usually on the same days of the week. Like right now MK has morning emh on Friday and nighttime emh on Sunday.

once they release the hours, make sure to keep checking back. Sometime the EMH hours do change a couple months out.

Good point @Kyla - the hours / EMH are always marked that they are subject to change at any time, so check back in. Disney sometimes (frequently?) changes the regular park hours up until the middle of the month before (or even closer, if it’s a really busy time of year). If they update the park hours (say, move the regular opening time for MK from 9 up to 8, or move the closing time from 10 to midnight) then that will also affect any magic hours also schedule for that day. Morning hours will be one hour before park open, and evening magic hours are two hours after park close. But as far as I’m aware, the basic schedule for extra magic hours (i,e, which parks have magic hours on particular days of the week) remains the same and only gets changed rarely. It just changed in the last few months, so I don’t anticipate that they would change it again before January 2017, but you never really know I guess.

The MK nighttime EMH are currently on Wednesday, not Sunday.

You are right, @mkmuzzy. Sorry! Not sure what I was thinking.

Not a problem! The Disney calendars change hours etc enough to confuse anyone!

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