Extra Magic Hours?

I will be the first to admit that I don’t do well in the heat. So I am trying to squeeze a 3-4 hour afternoon break (feed everyone, throw them in the pool, etc.) We are going in September. Am I making a mistake by going to the EMH parks as opposed to the least busy park? I like that I can still have longer evening hours but is that a trade off for larger crowds? My higher crowd level is 6.


In general, going to an EMH park is a good idea if you are actually going to take full advantage of the additional hours. If you are not, then going to a non-EMH park is probably the better bet.

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Also, your plan of using a mid-afternoon break also makes EMH parks more appealing. Many people plan on using EMH but actually do not make it and still go to that park, which increases the crowds during the peak portion of the day when you will be back at the resort relaxing.

agreed… if you’re taking a significant mid-day break, it makes an even stronger argument for going to the EMH park every day.