Extra Magic Hours Touring Plans vs Disney

TP lists MK as having EMH 2100-2300 on Wed 14th Aug, however official Disney site show EMH as being on Thur 15th.
I need to alter my plans after using TP’s crowd calendar and park hours info - which is incorrect.
Do Disney alter their dates for EMH regularly?
When do TP update their information?

I’m planning to use those EMH on Weds 14th so I hope it’s right! EMH are usually on a schedule but we don’t usually use the evening ones so I’m not sure what day they are on. I’m going to have to investigate :confused:

Edit - they are on Weds and that’s what MDE shows too.

Thanks for your reply - I took this from the desktop version of MDE

There was a similar issue discovered a couple of weeks ago, when I checked for someone and got different days showing.

Looks like the U.K. version of the calendar on the WDW website was off by a day somehow. May also affect others, not sure. I think, but not sure, that someone reported it to Disney. Maybe I should have done!

This is from My Plans on the browser. I see @Nickysyme is typing, she could see something different from me on the park hours on Fri 16th when looking at the 5 day view. I can’t see a 5 day view at all. But there are definitely EMH on the Weds.

Thanks everyone - ill report it to Disney and see what response I get,

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