Extra magic hours?go or stay away

In high crowd times (spring break), are visiting the parks with the extra magic hours worth it or should we stay away from that park on that day😄?

I’m sure there will be other replies, but it all depends on your plans for the day.

If you don’t have parkhoppers but you want to tour all day, you may want to avoid EMH parks. If you don’t plan to get there before RD, probably should avoid park with AM EMH. If you’re not planning to stay late, probably should avoid park with PM EMH.

If you’re onsite and have hoppers, yes. Otherwise no, skip that park.

I’m going to say, “It depends.”

Okay. It is easy if you don’t have park hoppers. Yes. Choose a different day. But the answer varies if you have park hoppers.

Thing is, the act of hopping itself is, effectively, a waste of time. The question becomes if the additional wait times you are likely to face by going during EMH is offset by the time it takes to hop. If you spend an hour in transit, for example, then the extra time waiting due to increased crowds would need to be at least an hour before it makes sense to hop.

Keep mind that if you are staying on site and get there for EMH, you will have some advantages of the RD…but again, is it ENOUGH to justify the lost time performing the park hop? Hard to say.

Now, if you were planning to hop or do some out of park resting, etc., anyhow, then the time “lost” to hopping itself is no longer lost since it was already accounted for anyhow.

As long as you are willing to be there 30-45 min prior to the EMH RD, then I find them to be very worth it. Many make the argument that the park will be more crowded later in the day, but I have no personal experience to make me believe the theory is fact. If you have Hoppers, then it’s a no-brainer; go for EMH, and if the park seems to be excessively crowded, hop. I personally have never felt the need to do this. My experience with Pm EMH is hit or miss. I don’t know that the lines are all that much shorter, but the parks definitely “feel less crowded”. I love PM EMH at EP; WS is beautiful after dark, and fewer people make the experience much nicer.

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