Extra Magic Hours for AK

Are EMH included with Touring Plans time for attractions? My wife and I will be arriving into Orlando on Monday, February 5th, and thought since we land at 5:00am that we could go right to AK and get into line for FOP and NRJ. When I originally made my plan with TP, it showed it being shorter waits for both attractions, and with us getting off of them both by 10:00am after opening, but now is showing me not getting off both until 1:00pm. We are staying off site, so we will not be able to partake in the EMH from 8:00am-9:00am. Should we still go and get in line at 7:30am? Or should we go to another park and try again another morning?

Thanks everyone, less than 30 days away! :grinning:

If you can get to the park by 7:30 on a 9:00 opening you should be off both attractions before 10 if you do FoP first.

Sounds good, we will try again another morning without EMH in effect.