Extra Magic Hours at Toy Story Land

Anecdotally, what are the early extra magic hours like at Toy Story Land? My Touring Plan is telling me I’m going to get to TSMM at 8:18 and have a 32 minute wait, rolling off just in time for my planned 9-10 FPP at SDD (which…60+4, we’ll see. Keep hope alive). Is that right? Or should we be able to get a bit more done in there? I was kind of hoping we’d get ASS, TSMM, and maybe a character meet in.

We RD’d RnRC during AM EMH at HS in July. We then went over to TSL and got in line for TSM around 8:30 and the line was already posting a 60 minute wait. :scream: We got in line anyway and ended up waiting closer to 30 but between that and RnRC that EMH hour was done. I’m sure I could’ve accomplished more if my group had been different but touring with four kids slows us way down.

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That seems pretty fair - of course it depends on travel dates. TSL fills pretty quickly as all the attractions are for most ages making it very popular.