Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone, I was wondering what your experiences have been this past year at 8am EMHs at the MK? I have done rope drop many times, but actually don’t think I have done any morning magic hours. Is it a similar amount of crowds as a 9am Rope Drop? We will be there on Friday 9/23 and will be prioritizing Fantasy Land; likely PP first thing. (I do have a FP+ for this at 10:30 just in case we are late.)

Will we need to plan to arrive at the MK much before 7:45? I am still very on the fence whether we take the bus or drive to the TTC. I think it will be a game day decision on what our morning looks like! Most days our 9 month old sleeps only until 6am, but I have a feeling this trip is going to be where he decides to sleep in. Lol.

When we did EMH at MK the crowd was substantial at 7.30. I would not want to be there later than that. You are better off going to a non-EMH park (which normally has a CL lower than the EMH park) that day if you are unable to get to MK early enough.