Extra Magic Hours added at HS but not updated in Touring Plans yet

Hello! Just trying to work out my plan for March 2 and the touring plans shows park close at 8pm, but the Disney calendar shows EMH for 8-10:30. Is there a way to override this in my plans?

It will likely be updated soon. Not sure you can override park close. You’ll likely get an error

DHS has been changing / adding hours on an almost daily basis. This is pretty unprecedented because of the overwhelming crowds for RotR.

As mentioned… give TP a couple days to catch up. Also, they tend to do a crowd calendar update the first week of each month. So… you’ll have that coming soon as well.

Disney’s calendar shows EMH for March 1, not the 2nd. That’s the same as TP’s crowd calendar hours.

Thanks! I heard they had changed the hours, and I looked at the calendar yesterday. I must have looked at the wrong date.

I know! It has been so hard to plan when the hours keep changing! TP does a great job - this is the first time I didn’t see the update but then again I was wrong. Looked at the wrong calendar day! LOL Thanks

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