Extra magic hour with a family member who is not staying at the hotel with us?

I booked a room at the Disneyland hotel for Me, my wife, and my daughter which comes with the extra magic hour from 8am to 9am. The problem is that i’ve also invited my Aunt who lives in the area to come with us to Disneyland on that day, and she has a ticket for normal entry. Would I be able to bring her with us into the park during the early magic hour for early breakfast reservations? On the Disneyland website it says…

“Both Extra Magic Hours are valid for registered Disneyland Resort Hotel Guests (ages 3 and older) who have a valid theme park ticket and active hotel room key card.”

Does that mean I can ask for an extra key card for her to use to enter early with us? Or are they very strict about every person in the party having their own key card attached to their name, etc.? Also does that mean my 3 year old daughter would need her own room key for the extra magic hour? That seems a bit odd.

I am hoping i can get my whole party in for early breakfast reservations during early magic hour by showing my active hotel room key card.

If you have a reservation during EMH you don’t need a room key to enter just need to show them your reservation at the turnstile dedicated to EMH Character Dining guests.

If you want to enjoy anything else besides bfast with your aunt though, you may need to show a room key. It varies from day to day how strict they are about every person needing a room key to access EMH & most likely with one extra person would let you proceed but just know its policy to have one & they can very easily say no.

At the hotel they will print off a hotel key for every person staying in the room with their name on it. When my daughter as 2 & didn’t even need a ticket to get in she did need a room key with her name. It made for a nice, personalized souvenir after the trip, but it was needed for all of us to get into EE.

That being said, if there is capacity in your room, you can add your Aunt as a guest so they print her one as well if you wanted to enjoy any rides during EMH. Disney doesn’t verify who is actually staying in the room, as long as there is capacity they don’t ask any questions about why or who you are adding.

Lastly, and this is just my 2 cents, when you have EMH it is best used to ride rides with lower waits & better to save a sit down meal for once lines have started to fill up with people arriving so 9am at the earliest.


Everything Lolabear_la said!

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Just got back from my trip! Here’s what happened:

I ended up asking for an extra room key for my aunt, which I was then able to use to get all of us into the park early for breakfast. On the next day it got a bit more tricky though.

I also wanted to add Grandma & Grandpa to my room to get them keys as well so we could do another early breakfast. At first I was told they couldn’t add them to my room because it would bring the total amount of people over 4, which was over the capacity for my room. That’s when I let them know I just wanted the room keys to make sure they’d let us all in the park early so we could make it to our breakfast reservations on time. I was then told it would be no problem printing their keys for a temporary time period, but the only way to do it would be to print their keys with the $20 parking attached to it. I gladly did that since I had planned on paying for their parking anyway :smiley: