Extra Magic Hour(s) and Early Morning Magic at the same time, how does it work?

With the recent deluge of EMHs just added I’m clearly re-planning everything. “Recalculating” as my GPS says! :slight_smile: What I do notice now is for two of my days the park (DHS and MK) have both EMH and EMM. I’m struggling to see how they co-exist at the same time. Clearly no food included for the EMH crowd, but a big part of EMM is practically no-one in the park with no lines at all. An EMH crowd obliterates that benefit. Limiting some rides to just EMM folk would be not-so-good for the EMH folk. Looking at the ride listed, there certainly are rides in common. Is this something new that no-one quite knows how it will work or something that has happened before?

I’m still 50+ days out for FPPs, so have plenty of time for re-factoring plans.


It doesn’t work, there is no EMM, only EMH.

Not sure what days you are looking at. The EMM dates in September were cancelled, but it may be they’ve not removed them from the calendar yet.

Do you have them booked, or are they just in your plans for now?

I’ve seen people mention it on chat too. It’s not on Disney’s calendar obviously. Or not on the UK one. And it’s not on the app.

Thanks missoverexcited (and all). I started re-factoring my plans this morning and on the TP website they are showing both as available on my planning days which is what generated the question. Probably just a timing thing then and it will get sorted out shortly. I am planning on EMHs, so not a loss from my perspective. Nothing against EMMs, but free EMHs are better! I am planning for Sept 29-Oct 2.

All is right with the world again, that had me really confused. :slight_smile:



You are not the only one! As I mentioned, a few people have asked. I think in a day or 2 it should straighten itself out.