Extra Magic Hour on Friday's MK?

Hey. We have been going to WDW for years and a Friday is usually our last day in the parks, we always have gone to MK. I was looking at the schedule for this year (2nd week in September) and i noticed there is an extra magic hour in the morning for MK that has never been there in years past. This is a problem for us as we stay off property. Is this accurate, and not just a calendar thing months away from the trip?

Thanks !

According to Disney’s site, it is accurate as of right now:

Seems to have been the same for many months - days changed sometimes after last summer and have not changed since then.

Thanks guys, i guess they just changed things at some point. We were there last September (3rd week ?), and there was no EMH for MK that Friday so it changed sometime after that. Oh well…looks like we will just have to re arrange our park days a bit to compensate. I suppose we could just tour the park anyway and deal with it, I’ve always avoided those EMH days before though since we cant participate in it. I wonder how big a deal it really is?

could you park hop also? spend the morning at another park to avoid the EMH crowds and then venture over to MK for your last evening?
Also we don’t know how much will change after they have all these paid Early Morning hours too and if they get extended past the spring.

I think it will stay this way if they continue to offer the morning event two days a week.