Extra Magic Bands Question re FastPass

If we have some members of our reservation leaving early, can we use their magic bands for FastPass even if we don’t scan them into the entrance that day? For example, say there are 6 people booked on a 7 day ticket, but one person leaves a day early. Can we use that person’s band for FastPasses on day 7?

yes. as long as there is ticket media remaining on the account, you can use the band to make FPPs

just be sure to keep them all sorted.

I have heard conflicting answers about this. Some people say that you can, but others have said that you cannot use FPP that are associated with a MB that has not been scanned at park entry.

Lots of liners have been using other’s MB, including APs when the owners are not in FL at the time, so unless they change it- it should work. It is funny but dis boards is actually reporting in a very long locked thread that you can buy a MB, link it to a dummy MDE account and then scan it at Kiosk (without tickets) and you can get one FP at a time. Way too much work for me, and the whole theory of it does not make sense, but if you do not even need a ticket, I do not think you need to be scanned at the entrance.

they do not have to be scanned at park entry to use.

I’ve personally done this (used someone else’s -not present- to use fpps).

Interesting - so the park admission is not used when you use the FPP reservation?


say I have unused ticket media connected to my DH. Maybe he had to leave early.

I could still use his band and FPP’s for the rest of the trip.

I wouldn’t recommend buying extra tickets and adding them to an account to get extra FPP’s. There is a risk it could accidentally activate the tickets. Plus it doesn’t make financial sense.

However, if someone has an AP and isn’t gonna be at WDW the same time, you could use their AP to make extra FPP’s. Then use their bands while in the parks. No park entry is required.