Extra hours for deluxe resorts questions

Try this again… lol

I am planning a trip for my family for next year. We are staying at the Polynesian for 11 nights next year. Word on the street, (Main street lol) is that deluxe resort guests will get the opportunity to stay at some parks an additional hour or two on certain days. Currently those days are Wednesday Magic Kingdom and Monday Epcot.

Do you think Disney will keep those days? Does Disney have a pattern/history of having Extra Hours on certain days of certain parks, that people can plan around?

My second question is…Do you think is it better to reserve those days as my park days or is it better to hop to that park later in the evening to take advantage of those extra hours?

Thanks for reading!

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I started looking at this earlier today. I will be in the world on President’s Day (a Monday). As of today, the pattern of Monday/Wednesday continues on the only other Monday holiday. Since the dates are posted into December I figure I will watch this for the next couple of months.

Most likely I will hop to those parks and watch the night time shows.

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As to whether to stay at or hop to MK and Epcot, I guess it depends on what your usual style is.

I wouldn’t change what you’d normally do just for this, if you see what I mean. So if you usually close down the same park you go to first then I would plan to do that. But if you sometimes hop to a different park then you could plan to hop there.

I rarely plan to hop. If we hop it’s usually for the evening show. We tend to treat anything we do at that park as a bonus.

If you take a break during the day then hopping to either Mk or Epcot would be easy enough, no buses to worry about.

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I agree with this analysis. I am going between Christmas and New Years so I know it will be slammed. For that reason I planned to do rope drop and shut down with a break in between.

If I had it to do over I wouldn’t have bought park hoppers (the park hours are not late enough to really make it work the way I wanted it too) but as it turns out I think the hopper will help me make the most of these hours. My current plan is to hop to EPCOT (starting in HS that day) for the extra hours and then RD Epcot the next day, because it has a late opening. That way we can sleep in and still make rope drop. Then we will finish up early evening, and have a good night sleep ready to RD MK on Wednesday, take a midday break while the crowds are crazy and go back to MK for Extra hours.

I am not in love with going back and forth to the parks, but that is the reality of our travel dates.

And, the only reason I am going to RD MK the same day as I the extra hours is that it works best with the rest of my schedule.