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When is the best time to use FP+ on very crowded days?

We will be at WDW in April. All our days are either 7, 8 or 9. If we use our FP+ in the morning, will we be able to get another round of FP+ for later in the day? A number of TP suggest morning FP+ and picking up a second round in the afternoon. I am wondering if we should get to the parks early ride as much as we can as a walk on, eat lunch and either change parks or stay in our same park with FP+ in the afternoon.


That’s what we do. Ride from RD onwards, then FPP in the afternoon. In my opinion, your chances of getting FPP that’s good on the same day and in the afternoon (not end of the night) are probably limited to things you wouldn’t wait that long for anyway.

For us, we dd RD and would do a few or more rides, then tried to get our FPP to all be used in morning, then try for additional ones. But with that said, sometimes we didn’t schedule the FPP for early but spread during the day. Just depending on how we approached the day.

We usually don’t use our FPP during fist two hours of park time. Might schedule one to overlap the beginning of the third hour (so maybe 1030, 1130, and 1230 for headliners). We use the morning for the other headliners and/or mid-range rides and the afternoon for shows or low-wait attractions. The only park I use additional FPP for is MK. We do RD most days, no PH, and no break in afternoon–usually leave at dinner time except for a couple days we stay for fireworks at MK and E. Should also say we always have more than one day in each park (except for HS this trip). I would think that this strategy may be different if you leave at lunch for a break or hop to another park.

I do the same as @momfourmonkeys! Schedule FPP’s starting around 10:30/11 with all 3 in a row. We take a break in the middle of the day when it gets really crowded and return to the parks in the evening. After using our last FPP in the morning we would schedule one for the evening so we had it if we wanted one. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Once you use your fast passes, can you book three more or just one at a time?

One at a time

It’s true that on higher crowd days, your fourth (and higher) FPP might be for rides that normally have fairly short waits, anyway. But I still really valued these FPPs! On a day where the walking paths and restaurants are busy, it is so much more fun to ride Buzz, Tomorrowland Speedway, Pirates, etc. with a 5 minute wait than with a 20 min one! Very relaxing and fun! Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that’s what I thought. For a second, I thought, “man i have been so dumb the last couple trips.”

Thanks so much to everyone for all the great tips!!

I get what my personalised touring plan suggests, and it’s nearly always 10 or 10.30 for the first one. There is usually a lot of choice after I’ve used the first 3.

I agree with @missoverexcited. Over New Year’s we were able to get several additional FPP each day. I think my record was seven in a day. We usually booked our first FP at 8:30 or 9:00 and did the first three back to back. Once we checked in for the third pass, I would immediately get on my phone and book another one…which sometimes was as soon as 10 or 15 minutes later. Worked like a charm! The only downside is that I had to be on my phone more than I wanted, but for my group it was so helpful to have minimal waits.

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