Extra FP dropping?

FOP and SDD were not available when I booked FPs. Can you all tell me what you know about other FPs dropping?

FOP 11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01
TSL (not necessarily SDD) 9.31, 12.01, 2.31
Epcot I’m drawing a blank on. Maybe 11.31 and 1.31? Soarin and TT are usually not hard to get as 4th FP though.
None at MK

These are subject to change but have been right for a while. Never guaranteed at all the drop times.


Thank you! Do they ever drop prior to day of?

What is available is constantly changing as people change their plans, and sometimes Disney dumps a whole lot if FPs for a period of a few weeks. Also look out for changes to normal opening hours, new FPs will be released for the extra hours.

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A whole load were dropped two days ago for the first two weeks of March. I’d watch again around the 14th.


Thank you!!! I will look again Valentines Day.