Extra extra magic and RD if not staying at a Disney resort?

Since they announced these Extra Extra magic hours at 3 of the 4 parks and for all days through Sept and Oct how do people not staying at a Disney resort plan? RD really won’t be a possibilty anymore correct? What would be our next best option?

It’s really hard to know. I don’t think MK and AK will be a huge problem - 7am is early enough that there won’t be huge numbers of people on the parks ahead of you as long as you’re there in good time for normal opening at 8.

HS will be a different story altogether and I wouldn’t even know where to start advising you.

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I would try and focus on rope dropping stuff that isn’t open for EEMH. I think your real best bet is some really good TPs. Are you able to stay out as late as possible?

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Since we don’t stay on Disney property, we never get to take advantage of EMH. As such, I think it is most advisable to schedule your park days on days when there are NO EMH. Then you can RD with the best of them.

Every day is EEMH in Sept and Oct!! :open_mouth:

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Oh. I missed that bit. :slight_smile:

In that case, I got nothing! :wink:

My worry (for other people, I won’t be there) is that HS will close for capacity before 9am and offsite guests won’t get in at all. I don’t know if that’s likely.

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I was just thinking about this! They’re making it really hard for offsite to compete aren’t they?
I would trust a good touring plan on AK and MK, obviously aiming for the 7DMT and FoP FPP to get that off your back.
DHS is a whole other problem, but I don’t see that many people being willing to get up at 5am to make a 6am opening work. I also don’t think many people have heard of this extra extra extra stuff. My gut tells me arrive early just in case they let offsite people in early, try to FPP SDD or MF: SR -if available- and head in the other direction of the crowds always.
Good luck and please let us know how it goes!


I’m hoping that by mid Oct when we go it won’t be as bad? But yes this was/is a fear!

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Well if you’re not going till mid Oct you will at least be able to see what’s going on and plan accordingly. So you’re in a much better position than people going in early Sept!

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Fantasy land and Tomorrow land are the only parts of MK open for EMH.

Do RD at regular opening time for Frontier land and Adventure land, while the EMH guests are still on the other side of the park.

So RD at Epcot, they only have morning EMH one day per week.

Also if everyone is going to HS for Star Wars, then the EMH at the other parks will have little to no effect on the lines.

Hopefully the on site guests who go to HS for early EMH leave by mid afternoon so that the lines at HS lessen later in the day. Keep in mind HS will be staying open till 10 PM as well during the period of Extra EMH. Forgo RD and just plan on spending late afternoon and evening at HS. Being open a total of 16 hours per day will offer more opportunities.

Yes to this. And FP your must dos/rides that are open for EEMH and will already have lines at RD. I think late night touring is also going to be helpful. (Like for FOP)
The day that Epcot also has EMH will spread the crowds out a little bit more, so maybe pick your toughest RD park for that day. I think a park hopper would also be really helpful, especially with the MK party schedule through those months.