Extra Extra Extra Magic Hours in September

Me too! I’m hoping for a SDD on 60+3 and I don’t care what time it is.

It’s a podcast hosted by Len Testa (founder of Touring Plans) and entertainment writer Jim Hill https://disneydish.bandcamp.com/

Sounds like we had a very similar experience this morning–might even see you in line for a few of those :wink: Second year in a row going the same week, second year in a row having an incredibly frustrating FPP day!

We’re planning on going to HS for EEMH on Wed (60+4) and at first I got Slinky for around 1, then the system crashed and I lost it. Then got it for 2:30 (which would likely be too late for us anyway, but…) then I screwed up and accidentally modified it to something else, and then could only get 3:30. So the kids and I decided to just punt on that, hope to ride during EEMH, and went with TSMM instead. For the record, the same exact thing happened to me last year, except with a few more system crashes eating my SDD FP. :rage:

Could only get 7DMT for 2:30 on Sunday (60+1) so will try to move that earlier, but got it for early on Friday, so it’s fine. No problem getting FoP at 10:45 on Thursday (60+5)

Congrats for getting these done! I’m planning very similar to you when we go in Oct: want to try for Peter Pan & 7DMT on 60+1 as early as we can get it, FoP on 60+4, but HS is on 60+3 for us and planning TSMM instead of SDD. Which order did you select your Peter Pan, 7DMT, and FoP?
I’m struggling with which one to try for first. Thinking maybe 7DMT, then FoP, then either Peter Pan or TSMM…

I suspect that adding ToT and RnRC to Tier 1 is freeing up a few SDD FP+.

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The order I tried for the first few were:

Slinky Dog Dash on 60+2; opted not to take late afternoon and did TSMM instead
FOP on 60+4 no problem
Slinky Dog on 60+5
7 Dwarfs on 60+2
Peter Pan on 60+2 and then just filled in.


I agree! So I’m rather thankful!

I am going Sept 2-7. I was able to get my FPP okay. A couple are a little later than I like but all in all it was very successful. I have any tweak a few with no problems.

I booked this morning as well for Sept 21-28! It was glitching until 7:15 but I was able to get FOP for 60+2 and I saw SDD for 60+3, we weren’t going after it so I didn’t pay attention to times but I feel like they were for early afternoon-ish. I didn’t really know what to expect with GE, but it went pretty smooth for me overall!

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Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one seeing glitches until 7:15. I don’t know if they got their $hit together at 7:15 or if it was my logging out and back in, but it was right around then that things started working for me. At 7:12, I was getting REALLY nervous.

I just went to look at the Dibb site showing the FP availability but it’s members only now. @PrincipalTinker is that new? I was just curious if maybe there might be morning availbility on 60+5.

I have a tab open in my browser and it is still working.

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What attraction?

Thanks! I think I clicked on the wrong link somewhere. SDD of course :wink:

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I will be booking FP on Tuesday for our onsite days 9/28-10/1. We are not planning a park day on 9/28. We are staying offsite 9/21-9/28. So Saturday 9/28 is resort transfer day. Our plan is for HS and AK sunday/monday The HS FP tier has got me very unsettled. Also my family is not interested in getting to HS for 6am EEMH. Trying to determine the best plan for the day. Do you think there i stilll benefit to getting there at say 7 ? We have not yet done SDD, but unsure if I was able to secure it if it would be better than say RnR. We love RnR and TOT and TSMM. Ughhh decisions
Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Oh and if we were to select Fantasmis as a FP , does that mean we could select other FP as it is’t used until evening ?

Fantasmic acts like any other fastpass, you aren’t able to get other FP until you use your first 3 so with fantasmic you won’t be eligible to get more that day.

Thanks for the reply…We decided to do the dessert party so we dont have to worry about it. :slight_smile: