Extra evening hours Deluxe resorts

Had any one used the extra evening hours? How was it during level 9 or 10 park days?

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I haven’t but its been said here and there on the forum that crowds are fairly light, compared.

I did the MK hours in December on what was a 5 and it was literally a ghost town. I didn’t try for 7D or PPF, but BTMRR, JC, Pirates and HM were all basically walk on.


We did MK extra hours on a slammed level 10 President’s day, the extra hours were 10-12. Waits were very low, most rides were walk on.


I did both MK and EP President’s week. Are you planning on doing both parks? I used the TP app and I submitted the posted waits and then timed mine for both nights. I also started at about 7 each night and completed some lower level attractions with low waits at that time. My screen shots of my times are in my report in LaCava if you want to look.