Extra Days promotion

Later this month we are doing a split stay between Universal & Disney. We are staying at Hard Rock two nights and bought a 2 day park to park pass. There was a promotion when we booked that gives us 3 extra park days to be used within 7 days.

My question is if we come back to use one of these extra park days later in the week (planning Animal Kingdom/Universal day or Universal/Epcot day) after we have ended our Hard Rock stay, would the tickets still have Express Pass? Or does the Express Pass expire the day after we check out of Hard Rock?

They are only good from when you check-in (basically get your room key, no need to wait for a room) to midnight of your checkout day.


And adding onto what @shawthorne44 said, the EP is tied to your room key, not your ticket, so there is no kind of workaround for this.