Extra 3 Fast Passes

Has anyone done the DVC tour to get the extra passes? How was it? How long did it take? How much of a hard sale was it?

I did it last year. It was about an hour. They took my “I am not buying today”. I called and left a message a couple of days later saying definitely not and they never called again.

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I’m interested in learning about it too, but don’t really want to spend 90 minutes during our trip next month. The 3 anytime FPP is enticing though. Although I wouldn’t join until the Canadian dollar was better and would want to do a couple rental point vacations to see if it’s worthwhile for us.

Has anyone gotten the 3 FPP for doing the phone tour? I was thinking about doing this to save dragging our kids through the presentation.

When I did the phone tour years ago it wa a $40 gift card.

Are the 3 FPPs good on any day or just the day you do the tour? I am considering this if we could do the tour on our non-park day and use the FPPs a day or two later.

I was told by the CM that they were any time fast passes and they are put on your magic bands. I was also told that they stop tours around 4pm, which is not good for me because I’m only available around 5 or 5:30. He did say that during the summer they might do tours till 6 or 7 but to check when I get to FL.

Well I did it 8 years ago, and bought too! So a while back, but yes we got 3 FPPs (the paper kind) each.

I think to get the FPs though, you need to do the tour at Saratoga, so that means getting picked up, drive down to SSR, take the tour, have the ice cream and then get dropped back wherever you want to go.

@PrincipalTinker, did you do the SSR tour or just at Poly / CCV? I’m wondering if sometimes they give them out for the site tours, if yours only took an hour.

Last year before Copper Creek opened we were staying at WL. I was never tempted to even look before that stay. We went to the desk at WL and they brought us to the office at DS. They said they would work with your plans. We were going to Homecoming for lunch. They picked us up at WL, drove us to DS and after the presentation we went shopping and then to lunch. We used the FPs the next day.

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Which is what I thought. You can’t just have a chat at a resort, look at a studio (say at BCV) and get the fastpasses.

They make it easy, but it does take time out of your day.

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Thank you all for the replies. This may just work for us. We are going to DS the first day–my DH insisted on a down day after driving straight through. He said he needed the rest before turning me loose in the parks!

FWIW here are the conditions from the website:

Upon completion of the Open House Tour, eligible participants will be provided with the ability to activate and reserve 3 Disney FastPass+ selections at Walt Disney World Resort for each member of their party, up to 6 (six) people.

FastPass+ selections are non-transferable.

Participants must have a My Disney Experience account and MagicBands or ticket media, and must visit a Disney Vacation Club Sales Center to activate their Disney FastPass+.

Disney FastPass+ selections must be reserved and used within 4 (four) days of activation.

Disney FastPass+ service given as part of this offer is not usable at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight, Frozen Ever After, Rivers of Light, Avatar Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey, Character greeting experiences, parade viewings or fireworks viewings.