Extending hours in MK in Feb?

I thought last time we went in February MK was open till 10 on Sunday?? I know sometimes the hours get extended as we get closer. Is there anywhere to look and see if last year MK was open on Sundays till 10?
We won’t be arriving till around 3 on Sunday and 4-8 seems like the waste of a ticket.

Wdwmagic has historic park hours here, just play around with the month and year:

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Here on TP, they have historical hours (and crowd levels, etc) at https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/historical-crowds . Looking at this past Feb, Sunday MK hours varied each week. On the President’s Day holiday weekend, it was open until midnight. The week before, only 10. And the other two Sundays were 9:00.

Thank you both. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for longer hours to be posted