Extending any of the Frozen Attractions beyond Sept?

I believe I read the Sing-a-long may be permanent (or did I dream that). Any rumors of this or anything Frozen remaining beyond September at HS?

as of this point, it's all rumor, but considering it's popularity, I would NOT be surprised if it got extended once again, if not permanently somehow.

I have seen one rumor that the frozen experience may be extended to the end of the year, however, there was nothing to back up that rumor so of course it's anybody's guess.

Just found out that Frozen Sing-Along has been added to FastPass as of Sept 2 2014. Why would they do it for something that was scheduled to close in 24 days? Also, they just announced the Frozen Short to be released in the Spring of 2015. I don't think the Princesses are going anywhere.

We're going in Feb and this will surpass Toy Story Mania and Tower of Terror as a priority for my family. Thankfully we can book all 3!

Rumors, yes, but very strong ones that the sing-a-long will move into the AI theater as a "semi-permanent" attraction. I spend a fair amount of time on other Disney-related boards, and that is the one DHS Frozen rumor that seems to have traction and "verification" from multiple "undisclosed inside sources". There seems to be no agreement on the future life-span of any of the other Frozen stuff beyond what Disney has officially announced.

Disney just called me (apparently id asked a question via email months ago and nobody ever replied) and was saying how there are things "in the works" and how it is the #1 thing people are asking for so be sure to stay tuned... No confirmations just "I don't think you'll be disappointed on your November trip"


I like what I'm hearing! 😀

I have heard that the CMs have been notified that the FROZEN EXPERIENCE is now on an "indefinite extension schedule." Also, that they are moving all FROZEN merchandise to one larger "mega-shopping experience" in one place. Finally, that the FROZEN stuff will be more physically and time-wise spread out to integrate it even more into the whole HS "day at the park." My understanding was that these notices came out to CMs the same day as the FROZEN/Maelstrom announcement was public.

Thanks for the scoop!

We just went to the Frozen Sing-A-Long on Oct 5. I believe the show has been extended for a while. A FP was not difficult to get for the first showing on a Sunday, and it gets you a seat in the middle front half of the theater (as opposed to the sides and back). The show is awesome!! A theater full of little kids singing at the top of their lungs, really funny hosts, lots of stage mist, and a fun surprise at the end.

!!! I Dante had nothing on Disney…

HAHA you’re right! I told everyone at home I went to a Frozen rock concert!