Extended Hours - Stuck with 1/2 Hour FastPass!

Hi all! Good to find the forum, just about to embark on my fourth WDW trip in October, the first since 2014, so a few new things to see!

The trip spans Columbus Day weekend, and as seems usual, MK hours on a few days were extended last week. This includes 16th Oct, on which I have a SM FPP for 2030-2100 (previous closing time - now 2200).

Should I expect that to update to 2030-2130 at some point? There are no slots past 2030 now available for any ride except Pooh or TS (most stop at 1830) so I can’t just rebook it, and an FPP that’s valid after the fireworks is obviously far more useful.

Also sort of wondering if extra FPPs for the extra hour are likely to show up sometime? I have SDMT at 1715 but that’s a bit of a rush before the HDDR at 1815 - had to take what I could get.

Many thanks!

Yes when the hours extend, they do drop more FPs - it usually takes 24-48 hours, just keep checking.


Thanks for the tip! Existing FPP automagically extended itself to 2130 and I see that there are now new FPPs available for all rides for the 9PM+ period. This applies to all extended dates so if anyone wants a late night SDMT on Mon/Wed/Sat in October now would be the time to try.

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