Extended Hours for late October, November, December


While I suppose most would be happy about extended hours, I hope they are only doing this for the busy days surrounding Thanksgiving. I am happy with the hours for our trip, and any earlier and/or later and I am afraid it will be too much for our weary aging bodies to handle! :grin:


Hoping they extend December dates. Already built into my plan …

We are going the week before Thanksgiving and most of our days have been extended! Cannot wait for an 8am MK opening on a party day! I am planning to be skipping down empty pathways.


I just got updated times for my trip. Not looking forward to a 7:30am rope drop at AK & MK lol.

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There’s no requirement to use the extra hours. Just so you know.

Yes and no. The best hours to use are early entry and extended evening. So, we want to take advantage of those when we can so we can not worry about crowds later. So moving the opening up earlier, we have to manage the early hours, often coming off of a late night the day before.

Case in point…our first day is at Epcot. We will arrive late afternoon and plan to stay for Extended Evening hours. But that is midnight. We back to our room at one. Getting to HS the next morning for early entry isn’t likely.

Anyhow, I don’t mind a 7 closing extended to 8. But those early morning hours are tricky!

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Yea my AK Day moved to open at 8, so early entry will be 7:30. There no way and we switch hotels that day so not looking for an early morning. Luckily we are not going to be doing FOP so we don’t need to rush I don’t think.