Extended Hours for Disney World in Late May/June Not Up Yet?

Are the Extended Hours for Deluxe resort guests in Disney World in Late May/June Not Up Yet? As of 3/10 I only see till May 17. Unless there is another site they use to post this info?

That’s all they’ve released so far.

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They’re releasing week by week, on Fridays. Check back tomorrow in the late afternoon.

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Oh, and don’t take tomorrow’s posting as the final word, regarding park hours. Disney is also extending park hours (and thus Extended Evenings) week by week. My MK Extended Evening on Mar 29 was originally published as 9:00–11:00, but based on Disney’s update pattern I’m expecting that to switch tomorrow to 11:00–1:00.


Ok I just watched a Molly video where she says that DHS will have Extended Evening hours starting Wednesday April 13.

Anyone heard this already?

I think April 13 is a one-off?

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