Extended hours but no FPP?

I’ve just had an e-mail from TP letting me know that the closing times of MK and AK during my stay have been changed and are now later. I thought I’d take advantage of this, but there appears to be no FPP availability during the extra hours the parks are now open.

Can anyone explain?

Usually takes 1-3 days to appear.


It can take a day or two for the FPs to be released. Keep checking back, every couple of hours would be good if you can manage it.


Same here thought I would try to change FOP for night time after ROL but no luck. At least we can walk around after ROL now.
Also MK is open till 11pm every day but the day we are going, it is only open till 10pm on the 21st.

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Keep trying, i just got a FPP for June 9 at 9:10 due to the extended hours…not ideal…but guarantees us being in it.

Yup, just bagged a 9.30-10.30pm slot for after ROL at 9.15pm.

Went in and edited it…was able to move it back to 930, should have no issues with being rushed after ROL now. Very excited…now…what to do with EMH.


This has thrown all my plans up in the air. Making changes like a man possessed!


I had to call my wife at work to make sure it was ok. Now we get to spend more time that day in the pool.

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